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The secret: Chances are you've been fighting the wrong battle if will-power has been your method of control.

Will-power is a hopeless battle, it's a battle with yourself that can never be won.

If you eat what you're feel guilty. If you don't, you feel deprived. Either way, you're likely to feel bad.

Your craving is more about relief from stress than hunger.

Who hasn't struggled with worries, concerns, and disappointments! At times the load feels like too much to handle and food becomes the savior. The craving switch rushes to the ON position.

But you have the power within reach to turn the switch off, especially now that you can watch the very moment your craving takes hold with Zap My Craving.

Our personal digital therapy conversations will help you every step along the way....guiding you as you finally find freedom from the tyranny of food.

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